Here are five benefits of jailbreaking iOS 10

Here are five benefits of jailbreaking iOS 10

7iOS 10 is changing a lot of things we have grown accustomed to. We have now a brand new Widgets screen, a new way to unlock our iPhone, Raise to Wake feature, overhauled Messages app and more. Basically, iOS 10 is making it much easier for users to communicate with their friends and families using iOS devices.

Despite these improvements, there are reasons to still jailbreak your device. Whatever the reason might be, jailbreaking offers you endless customization options, something you’d consider impossible on iOS 10. You can change the system font, add new features to Apple’s stock apps and much more.

In this post, we will walk you through five benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone running iOS 10-iOS 10.2. Before we begin, note that jailbreaking makes your device more vulnerable to malware and spyware, so make sure that you create a full backup of your device.

  1. Dark Mode

iOS 10.3 beta was previously rumored to come with dark mode feature, but it is nowhere to be found. However, you still can get the feature by using a jailbreak tweak called Eclipse 4. Basically, the tweak makes your nighttime reading much easier at night. In reality, iOS includes Night Shift mode that changes your display’s color to a warner hue, but Eclipse 4 is still something you don’t want to miss at all if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

  1. Themes

Installing themes serves as the top reason for jailbreaking an iPhone. Basically, jailbreak allows you to bring a new look to your device. If you have jailbroken your device, Cydia includes tons of tweaks that help you install themes on your devices.

  1. Picture-in-Picture mode

Picture-in-Picture mode has been available since the days of iOS 9. However, the feature is available for iPad models only, which is little bit disappointing. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can get the taste of iPad’s Picture-in-Picture mode on your iPhone. There is a tweak called VideoPane that allows you to float your videos on any side of the screen. Besides, you can adjust the size of your videos right within the app.

  1. Apple Watch home screen

If you find Apple Watch home screen appealing, you can easily bring it to your iPhone with the help of a jailbreak tweak called Aeternum Hives. Once you are done, you can zoom in and out of the circular icons right on your iPhone’s home screen.

  1. Get some storage space

If your iPhone’s storage has started to shrink, you can use a tweak called iCleaner to get more space on your iPhone. Basically, iCleaner allows you to remove all the unused junks files from your device with some simple steps.

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