GT Racing 2 for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone – App of the Day

GT Racing 2 for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone – App of the Day

You’ve already tried ‘Real Racing 2’ and Asphalt 8. I would recommend you must try ‘GT Racing 2’ You’ll never regret it. GT Racing 2 an awesome Racing car game for iOS, iPad, iPhone.

GT Racing 2 is a new racing game Gameloft has released in the App Store under the slogan “The Real Car Experience”. Indeed, thanks to its excellent graphics and gameplay provide a very realistic experience for players. It’s free and compatible with all models of iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone.


Experience the excitement of racing with GT Racing 2, our app of the day

This exciting racing game is entirely different from Asphalt 8: Airborne, the other car racing title from Gameloft, although it has many similarities with Real Racing 3, both the gameplay and the graphics.

Download GT Racing 2 for iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

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GT Racing 2 Provides a Super Realistic Experience

Features up-to 71 different cars, 13 circuits full of excitement and curves and 30 manufacturers, among which are Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Audi. Besides, the game offers a lot of challenges, races and championships organized by classes and difficulties.
Leaving aside the graphics (which are spectacular). The physical are very good and allow us to get the feel of driving the car in real life, driving the big car luxury of this title is a very rewarding experience.

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One of the things that have fascinated us this game for iPad is to repair and improve our car need not wait half an hour or spend an infinite amount of money. Which although it does exist (with in-app purchases included) not They need as much as in other games of the genre.


In the configuration settings, we can choose to change the controls to improve our maneuverability in racing. We can place buttons on the sides of the tablet to turn, have automatic acceleration, use a wheel sensors or iOS device to use the gyroscope. There are excellent alternatives to control, especially to play in the new iPad and iPhone 6, with its extra long screens.


Another aspect is the coolest music, menus and during the race we enjoy very popular songs that undoubtedly enliven tournaments. Finally, we can also enjoy multiplayer races with our friends.

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What is your favorite car game? What Gameloft games you have installed on your iOS device? Let us Know?

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