Get "Preparing Update" message while installing iOS 11 public beta? Here is the fix

iOS 11 is finally here following the launch day at Apple’s Conference Developers Conference in June. Apple’s next generation of iOS fails to bring a huge improvement to the operating system, but it introduces a lot of handy features that will encourage iPhone and iPad owners to upgrade.

Like its predecessors, iOS 11 is now available in beta versions for developers and those users who have already signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program. If you sit in the latter group, the method used to get the iOS 11 public beta is pretty simple. However, not all users are that lucky.

A lot of iPhone and iPad owners have reported that the iOS 11 beta 6 or iOS 11 public beta 5 gets stuck on the “Preparing Update” message, preventing them from testing out iOS 11’s new features and changes. If you just stand there and do nothing, there is a good chance that the message won’t just disappear.

Fortunately, there is a fix for your issue and it simply involves removing the OTA update file and re-installing the update on your iPhone. Before we proceed, make sure that you have a recent backup of your device in case something goes wrong during the process.

How to fix iOS 11 public beta stuck on the “Preparing Update” message

Step one: First off, launch the Settings app from your home screen and then scroll down a little bit to locate General

Step two: Next up, select iPhone Storage and then you will see a list of all apps and files that are now using your iPhone’s storage space

Step three: Now just simply locate the iOS OTA update file and remove it. Once you do that, all of its faulty files will be removed from your device

Step four: Once you are done, you now need to re-download it. To do this, simply launch the Settings app, select General and tap on Software Update. From here, you will notice that there is an update available, so all you need to do is hit the Download & Install button to start downloading the file to your device (make sure that you have a stable internet connection so that everything runs smoothly during the process).

How to get iOS 11 beta without developer account

If you want to test out iOS 11’s new features or get future beta releases, and you don’t have a developer account, don’t worry because there is a way to download and install the beta version of Apple’s OS without the need for a developer account. Here is how.

Step one: First off, open Safari on your device and head over to this link. Once you are in, navigate the Download section and hit the iOS 11 (Beta 6) option

Step two: If you open the link in Safari, you will be redirected to iOS Beta Software Program. Hit the Install button three times and reboot your device

Step three: Once your iPhone or iPad finishes rebooting, head to Software Update and download the iOS 11 developer beta OTA file.

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