Foxconn and Sharp reportedly build a new LCD manufacturing plant in the US

Foxconn and Sharp reportedly build a new LCD manufacturing plant in the US

Last week, reports claimed that Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner was going to set up an OLED screen production line worth $864 million at its factory in Zhengzhou City, China, the same place where iPhone models are assembled. OLED panels have long been rumored to cover iPhone screens starting 2018, but Apple is believed to launch a premium iPhone 8 this year with curved OLED display that will be sold alongside two standard 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone models. Besides, to meet the huge demand of future iPhones, Apple has ordered Samsung to supply 100 million OLED panels.
According to the latest reports, Foxconn is planning to build a LCD manufacturing plant in the US. However, a Sharp official says that the project is still on the table and there is no word when the construction starts. According to tech experts, a new LCD manufacturing plant in the US could create thousands of jobs here and reduces costs in transportation.
Foxconn is also considering moving some iPhone production back to the US in the future. A new factory in the US might lead to the iPhone general price increase due to high taxes. However, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump promised to offer tax incentives on products made domestically.
In December 2016, Foxconn and Sharp were reportedly planning to construct a new LCD manufacturing plant in China with focus towards large-screen LCD. The new facility is expected to begin production in 2019 and it will be in charge of 10.5-generation 8K displays and smart TVs production with an annual value expected to reach 92 billion yuan.
Foxconn has long been Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner. Last year, Foxconn acquired Sharp for 6.2 billion USD in attempt to solve supply issues with OLED panels for future iPhone that may force Apple to keep the new technology exclusively to the premium iPhone 8 model this year.
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