Executing Procedure for your iPhone backup & iPad backup

Executing Procedure for your iPhone backup & iPad backup

When we talk about backup, then the first question that comes in our mind is about the need of backup? When we lose our personal data like pictures, songs, videos, etc. from our iPad or iPhone and we don’t have any option to get back the data or information again, in that situation we regret not having a backup of our data. That is the reason it is always advisable to have a backup of all your personal information. There are some methods available for making the backup of the data.
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iCloud is one of the best solutions to store your data as a backup automatically. But it is strongly negative. Apple does not provide a full backup means we cannot make the backup of the entire data stored in your device. It provides just 5GB for free. There are many methods for optimization of backup data on iCloud.

Hence, here we will provide you two methods for making the backup.


Making a backup with the help of iTunes

This method is the most convenient method and also most reliable and most accessible way. For this, you need to install iTunes on your PC. After this you have to follow just a few steps to make backup:

  1. First of all, you have to connect your iPad or iPhone to your PC via USB cable and then open iTunes.
    iPhone connect with iTunes
  2. In next step, you have to transfer all your data into iTunes app store, or we can transfer it in a computer to access all files on device. This step is done automatically by iTunes, but we can check it manually for being sure.
  3. Now for making backup we have to go to file> device> backup. Hence by this, iTunes start to create iPhone backup in your PC.
  4. When iTunes create the backup it shows “Finished” on a monitor and to make sure that backups have been done properly, just go to edit> preferences> devices. Here we can see the list of iPhone backup that have been created.
    iPhone backup list itunes

By these steps, you can create a full backup of your iPad or iPhone with the help of iTunes.

Making a backup with the help of Google Drive

Google Drive is also a great option for making backup of your iPad or iPhone. It provides 15GB storage for free & it’s more than enough for all your information and data in iPhone and iPad. You have to follow just a few steps to make iPhone backup using Google Drive:

  1. Initaily, you have to install Google Drive in your PC. You have to download Google Drive in that computer where you want to make the backup. Both the windows application and Mac version are similar, but here we will explain with the windows application.
    iphone backup with google drive
  2. After installing Google Drive, we will run the application. When we install Google Drive, then a folder of Google Drive is created.
  3. Now in Windows device to make backup we go through user> username> appdata> roaming> Apple computer> mobile synchronization> backup and we choose the folder that created in the end. For Mac users to create backup we go through library> application support> mobile synchronization> backup.
  4. Now you can copy the backup in the Google Drive folder that Google offered and stored in the storage space of Google Drive.

This same process you can perform on different cloud services, for example, dropbox. As this is a manual backup of your iPad or iPhone, it is more secure and provides us a saved copy or we can say duplicates, so that if we lost the data or even backup then we can retrieve from the cloud again.
Hence, here we discuss the methods to create iPhone backup of your personal data, and you can compare both the methods. So you can quickly make the backup of your data without any a headache and can secure your personal data in iPad or iPhone.Tell us what you feel about this article through comments. Thank You.

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