Top Word Processing Apps for iPad, iPhone [Best Documents App for iPad]

Top Word Processing Apps for iPad, iPhone [Best Documents App for iPad]

Edit documents on the iPad or iPhone can be useful, especially if you use tablets and smartphones from Apple as tools to take work home or preparing projects from anywhere.
There are many readers who editing documents daily from their iOS devices. In this tutorial, we will present

Five Different Methods to Edit Documents Regardless of Format.

We begin!

How to Transfer Word Documents  to the iPad or iPhone?

First, we have to transfer documents and files to the iPhone or iPad. For this, there are several options. Using Dropbox (which also allows you to edit documents) and other storage applications in the cloud as Box or one drive, through synchronization between devices for applications such as Microsoft Office. With the web of iCloud or simply through iTunes. The latter is the most efficient and simplest option.

How to Transfer Documents via iTunes to your iPad or iPhone

To transfer documents from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad just, we have to connect the iOS device to the USB port and once open iTunes, go to the Applications section.
From here we can add any text to any application. That easy! Once this is done and we can continue working and editing our text on the iPhone / iPad.

How to edit Word documents on iPhone and iPad?

1. Through the web : Edit Documents Online on iPad

It is perhaps the least useful method of this list. There are websites specially designed for mobile tablets and smartphones as Google Drive, offering us the possibility to edit documents from anywhere and save the changes automatically. It is an ideal choice for small edits, adjustments or tweaks last minute. Of course, we could also use the application for iPhone and iPad Google Drive.
[appstore id=507874739]

2. iPad Word Processor Applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote

One of the most common alternatives is to use the tools of the iWork suite of Apple Pages to write edit documents, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentations.
[appstore id=361309726]
[appstore id=361304891]
[appstore id=361285480]

3. Best Microsoft Office Apps for iPad, iPhone

We could not recommend iWork applications without also mentioning the popular Office suite, which is now available free for iPhone and iPad.
[appstore id=586447913]
[appstore id=586683407]
[appstore id=586449534]

4. Word Processing App for iPad: Good Reader

Another method we like best is through the great and useful application GoodReader. This tool not only allows us to edit PDFs, sign documents and decompress zip files but also gives us the possibility to download documents from the web thanks to its built-in web browser.
[appstore id=777310222]

5. Word Processing App: Skitch

Finally, we recommend the Skitch application that lets you create sketches, add annotations, highlight and mark text and even edit PDF files.
[appstore id=425955336]
Did you find this tutorial been helpful for iPad and iPhone? Can you add some other method to edit documents?

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