How to Download TV Shows and Movies on iPad with iOS 8

Finally A working method by which you can download and watch TV Series on your iPad and iPhone using Video Explorer app.

The App Store gives us all kinds of applications that allow us to download content from the Internet. This time we will focus on the implementation of Video Explorer, and will explain step by step

How to Download TV Shows to iPad or iPhone

It is true that there are many other methods to download Tv series and movies favorite for later playback on iPad and iPhone (thanks to iCab Mobile through iTunes, with the jailbreak). But the facilities provided, we make this Video Explorer app an excellent alternative.

How to Download TV Series and Movies with Video Explorer on your iPad or iPhone

1. First, before you begin, obviously we need to download and open the Video Explorer application:
[appstore id=702442900]
2. Then we will have to turn to our favorite web playback and download online content. In our case, we have chosen [highlight]SeriesYonkis[/highlight] .
3. Now, get to choose what to show and what episode we download, we will lose an episode of Game of Thrones.
4. Video Explorer offers the ability to view the video online (also in flash format), but also has an option to download content for later viewing.
5. Select the option “Download” and the download process will start in the series.
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6. From now on we will have just to wait for the download to finish. Indeed, with Video Explorer we can download the set in the background while performing other activities.
7. Done! Have you seen that easy? From the folder icon at the top of the Video, Explorer application can organize our series and change its name.
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Additionally, it is important to note that the application also supports [highlight]extensions for Safari on iOS[/highlight]. In August, so if we find TV series and movies from the native browser for Apple can do it, immediately afterward, click on the action button and open the same Web page directly from Video Explorer.
As you have seen, the discharge of the tv series in Video Explorer is a really simple process , although personally use other methods such as get videos from torrent files and pass to any app through iTunes, but this alternative is also excellent!

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