Azzl – Are you Looking for Best Puzzle Game

Azzl – Are you Looking for Best Puzzle Game

Download Azzl today for the best puzzle game action on your iOS device.

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This year probably you will praise Azzl – as the best smartphone and Tablet Game, only for children.


Protagonists Azzl – little-colored blots, coordinated machinations to each other. Since these blobs indulge into the physical world with an ease, the characters take many forms, often transformed into something bizarre creatures in front of your eyes : for example, candy that licks Orange smiling figure may well be alive. Creepy Cute


What Happens when you Play Azzl

All these outrages occur between the levels – in fact, puzzles, for which we have gathered. On the screen something unintelligible. Endless repetition of videos, cut into dozens of pieces and shuffled. Our task is to collect these parts so that you can form a whole picture. The method is always the same, but the type is different in each chapter chunks. And after each completion the movie changes.

The first look at a new level:  How we can understand what’s going on? But the confusion is quickly replaced by the idea – after several attempts, the puzzle going on, and you move on to the next task.

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The whole narrative in the same as the last years popular game FRAMED, not exact, but humorous scenes between levels. This flow of imagination, though slightly overweight; adult, perhaps, will be hard to take the local sense of humor, but the children will appreciate. Therefore, Azzl – the game is not for you. No, the people from the 20’s might consider it as beautiful, but the real fun will get even schoolchildren and pre. They appreciate and videos, and music, color, and fireworks. And with the puzzles to the right – the children, in the end, not so stupid as to think.

Final Verdict

If you’re considering a great game for your kids then in that case Azzl worth 2.99$. It consists pure gameplay, no-nonsense sort of dilute energy points and “buy, please, 50 more levels.”

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