Apple's September event: New iPhones, Apple Watch and more

Apple’s September event is just hours away and we are expecting something special from Apple this year when the company’s iPhone celebrates its 10th birthday. Rumors about the next generation iPhone have been around for months, claiming that Apple will announce up to three iPhone models this year, including a premium model with a brand new design and revolutionary changes.It remains unclear what Apple will include in this year’s iPhone, but we can guarantee that the next generation iPhone will come with never-seen-before features and a new design.

However, a premium iPhone is not the only thing that takes the center stage at this year’s fall event.Apple has recently confirmed that they will announce the next generation Apple TV with 4K support, but the company didn’t mention the Apple Watch 3. Tech experts say that Apple will unveil a new Apple Watch with cellular connectivity at the event. That seems plausible, as the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced at the last year’s event.

In this article, we will show you what you are going to see at Apple’s September event. If you are planning to watch Apple’s September, event make sure you check out this post.

  1. New iPhones

There is a good chance that we will see three new iPhones at Apple’s September event. Some recent reports claim that the premium device will be called the iPhone X, while the two other phones will be dubbed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This goes against what we heard in previous rumors that Apple would announce the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus at the event.

Two standard iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will likely feature the same design as the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, while the high-end model will come with a radical redesign with an edge-to-edge display and a new security measure. All three devices will be powered by Apple’s 10-nanometer A11 chip under the hood, wireless charging technology and much-improved water resistance. The two standard devices will carry a lower price tag which ranges from $649-$769 at launch.

Some recent reports claim that the iPhone X will sport a large 5.8-inch OLED display, making it the first iPhone to use the flexible display panel on the market. Besides, the premium device will likely feature facial recognition to replace Touch ID. Sources have recently claimed that Apple has given up its plan to build a fingerprint scanner into the OLED display of the iPhone this year. Instead, the company will adopt a new technology called Face ID.

  1. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple is now dominating the smartwatch market with more than 80 percent market share. The Cupertino company is selling millions of smartwatches each quarter, which is more than any other manufacturer out there. With a great success of Apple Watch Series 2, Apple is undoubtedly planning something special for the successor.

The Apple Watch 3 is expected to come with hardware upgrade, while retaining the design from the second generation model. A lot of rumors claim that Apple will add a long-awaited cellular connectivity, allowing users to use their watch as a standalone device. That means that users will be able to listen to their music with their Apple Watch during exercise.

Some recent reports say that the Apple Watch 3 will use eSIM to save some space and cellular connection will be used for data transfer only. Besides, the next generation Apple Watch will feature LTE connectivity and not 3G connection. Apple’s move aims to target certain markets and countries where LTE connectivity has been widely used by local carriers.

  1. Apple TV with 4K support

Apple has confirmed that the company will unveil the fifth generation Apple TV at the event. This year, Apple will add 4K support to its TV family box. Sources say that Apple is now in talks with big content providers to bring 4K titles on iTunes.

The Apple TV 5 is rumored to feature Apple’s A10 chip under the hood and run tvOS 11 at launch. The new version of tvOS will add a lot of new features and changes to the Apple TV this year, like dark mode, better AirPods support, or much-improved support for AirPlay 2.

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