Apple reportedly uses A-Series chips for 2021 Macs

Apple Mac is one of the best computers on the markets. Apple has been improving its Mac lineup since release in an attempt to attract more users. Last year, Apple refreshed its Mac family with the addition of new Intel processors and an improved design. However, it seems that Apple still has a lot of work to do to boost its Mac sales.  Apple is now relying on Intel for GPUs for its Mac lineup. The current MacBook Air and Pro feature the 8th-gen Coffee Lake processors, allowing for a much-improved performance. Reports say that Apple has been working on its own GPUs called A-Series. In reality, all iPhone and iPads now feature A-series chips under the hood, and it makes sense that Macs will use the same thing.

According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, an analyst who is best known for his forecasts when it comes to Apple’s upcoming devices, Apple’s long-term partner, TSMC will be in charge of manufacturing A-Series chips for future Macs. In reality, the Taiwanese firm will be supplying Apple with A13 and A14 chips for upcoming iPhones.  Last year, TSMC provided millions of A12 chips for Apple iPhones. Sources say that Apple ordered TSMC to speed up production of the chips to meet the huge demand for iPhones on the market. In reality, Apple has been seeking suppliers of iPhone and Mac components in recent years. The current iPhones now use Intel’s modem chips following the legal battle with Qualcomm.

Sources say that 2019 iPhones will use Apple’s own modem chips. Apple Mac, on the other hand, continues to use Intel’s processors until 2021. Apple Mac is now falling behind Windows-based PCs on the market, but it remains popular in the US.  Apple is expected to announce new Mac this year. Sources say that Apple will launch two new MacBook Pro models in July and an upgraded MacBook Air in September. All models will use Intel’s latest chips and Radeon graphics cards upon release. Besides, there will be a new iMac Pro in 2019, but it remains unknown when we are seeing it. Tech experts say that the new iMac Pro will launch to the public this spring and carry a higher price tag.

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