Apple to start iPhone Manufacturing in India

Apple to start iPhone Manufacturing in India

Apple has long been rumored to manufacture its iPhone models in India. Earlier this year, reports claimed that Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner, was in talks with the Indian government for opening two manufacturing plants in 2017. In reality, Apple has been targeting the Indian market for a while in an attempt to drive revenue growth in developing markets. However, India has strict regulations on foreign device sales and requires that 30 percent of components in the devices must come from the country. Apple is believed to deal with the law in order to bring its iPhone models to the Indian smartphone market en masse.


According to the latest reports, Apple will start manufacturing the iPhone in India in April next year. The report says that Apple and its Taiwan-based iPhone manufacturing partners are setting up a facility in Bengaluru, India. Tech experts say that India-produced iPhone allows Apple to sell its iPhone models at a more competitive price and compete with other Chinese smartphone makers in India.

Sources say that Foxconn’s new facility in India will not be used exclusively for Apple manufacturing and Foxconn is believed to be in talks to manufacture smartphones for companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus in the future. Besides, setting up a manufacturing facility allows Apple to establish retails stores in India.

India has been one of Apple’s huge markets in recent years, where Cupertino-based Company faces tough competition with Samsung, LG and Sony in terms of price. Apple iPhones are among the most desired smartphones in India despite their high prices.

This year, Apple has released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus along with new MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar. This year’s iPhone models may not come with an overhauled design, but they has some daring changes we’d consider revolutionary ranging from the removal of the standard headphone jack to dual-camera system.

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