Apple to host New Year Sale in Japan

Apple to host New Year Sale in Japan

Apple products are always among the wish-lists of tech fanatics, so Apple has always been trying to offer its special deals and promotions to expand its products in the market. Cupertino-based Company will host a special New Year sale both online and at all of Apple’s retail stores in Japan starting on January 2, keeping up with Apple’s yearly traditions to offer something special in the country.
Apple has not specified what type of discounts and other incentives when the sales event goes online in January. Last year, Apple offered “Fukubukuro” or “lucky bags”, which contains Apple products at very steep discount. Some bags contained things like speakers, backpacks and small accessories. Last year’s lucky bags were sold for $300 and came with four configurations, with Apple’s common items like backpacks, an iTunes gift card and more. The most valuable bag included an 11-inch MacBook Air, a Power Support Air Jacket and a dual charger
However, 2015 marked the last time Apple participated in the Fukubukuro tradition. Instead, Apple offers in-store sales and special deals in partnership with its retailers. According to sources, New Year sale event might follow in the Black Friday sales in the US last month, which saw Apple offer customers free Apple Store gift cards worth up to $150 with the purchase of Macs, iPhones, iPads and more. Besides, Apple offered one-day shopping in many countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and more.
During the holiday shopping season in 2015, the first generation Apple Watch was the hottest item thanks to tons of special deals, which saw Target offer a $100 gift card with every Apple Watch purchase.
With Lunar New Year around the corner, Apple is expected to offer traditional sales in various countries in the world to celebrate the occasion.
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