Reports say Apple shipped 69.4 million iPhone units in Q4/2018

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phones out there. First debuted back in 2007, iPhones have changed so much since then with tons of new things and features. Last year, Apple unveiled three new iPhones at its September event after months of leaks and rumors. The 2018 iPhone lineup brings about new hardware while retaining the same look from its predecessors.

However, users are not buying as many new iPhones as Apple hoped. In reality, Apple is struggling to sell its iPhones in Greater China where it fails to compete with local smartphone brands. Reports say that Huawei now dominates the Chinese smartphone market, while Apple finished 5th place in Q3/2018. Sources say that Apple is planning something new to boost its sales performance.

According to reports, Apple shipped around 64 million iPhone units in the fourth quarter of 2018. That’s lower than our estimates and expectations. During the same period last year, iPhone shipments saw 77.3 million units shipped, making Apple an untouchable rival on the market. In reality, Apple had a rough year as its iPhone sales failed to satisfy it. Besides, the Cupertino firm had to deal with the legal battle with Qualcomm following reports of patent infringement. Qualcomm and Apple were once in a partnership as the American chipmaker provided millions of modem chips for iPhones. However, Apple is now relying on Intel for modem chips.

Last year, Apple announced that it would never announce earnings reports. However, we are expecting a sales boost this year when new iPhones release to the public. We have heard a lot of speculation that the 2019 iPhone lineup will come with something revolutionary like an in-display fingerprint scanner or a triple camera setup.

Reports claim that 2019 iPhones will feature the same design language as the current models. However, Apple will shrink the bezels, making the phone smaller and thinner. Besides, the phone will maintain the glass-back body and a top notch on the front. Some sources claim that there will be a cheaper iPhone coming out in March. The phone will target mainly emerging markets like India or Brazil.

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