Apple may launch 3rd generation Apple Watch in Q3/2017

Apple may launch 3rd generation Apple Watch in Q3/2017

The Apple Watch Series 2 has been available for a while and with it Apple brings in a big upgrade that beats the first generation Apple Watch. More importantly, Apple has made its new Watch a necessity, rather than just a novel luxury. The Apple Watch 2 comes with a lot of tech upgrades we wanted including a new water-resistant design, a GPS chip on board and a much faster processor.


According to reports, Apple will unveil the third generation Apple Watch in the third quarter of the year and the new smartwatch is believed to be manufactured by Quanta Computer, and feature longer battery life and much faster performance than the first Apple Watch. Reports also say that Quanta Computer will be in charge of extending the battery life on the third generation Apple Watch, while other aspects of the new watch are rumored to remain the same.

Apple is now leading the smartwatch market with its Apple Watch Series 2. The Apple Watch 2 features brighter display, a faster dual-core processor and more. However, the design is similar to what we have already seen with the original Apple Watch that was released back in 2015. Apple is highly expected to launch the new Apple Watch with all-new design this year. According to sources, the third generation Apple Watch will be thinner and come with cellular connectivity. Besides, the new smartwatch will mark the first Apple’s wearable device to feature micro-LED display.

Aside from Apple Watch, Apple is expected to unveil the next iPhone 8 with all-brand new design, impressive features and powerful specs. There have been a lot of rumors mentioning iPhone 8’s new features and notable changes ranging from new Touch ID to long-range wireless charging. Besides, Apple might launch three iPhone models this year including a premium device with OLED display, two standard 4.7 and 5.5 inch models.

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