Apple extended its iPhone XS and iPhone XR trade-in promotion to more markets

Apple iPhone is one of the most wanted phones on the market. Apple has been busy bringing its iPhone models to more customers in the world. This year, Apple announced the iPhone XR, a cheaper iPhone that mainly targets emerging markets like India and China. In reality, the iPhone XR had a good start as it hit more than 5 million registrations ahead of the final release in China. However, reports say that the demand for the XR is now low in emerging markets. The reason behind this is that Apple is competing with Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, or Huawei in India or China. Huawei is now the world’s third largest smartphone vendor with hundreds of millions of units shipped.

Apple is planning to attract more customers in China. And the Cupertino firm took a big step to achieve that goal when it launched a trade-in promotion offer in the country. The program allows users to grab the iPhone XS or iPhone XR at a much cheaper rate if they trade in an iPhone 7 Plus. In reality, Apple is offering the same deal in the US, but US-based users can sign up for the program online.

The Cupertino firm today brought its trade-in promotion program to more markets. Specifically, iPhone owners in Europe, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan now can grab an iPhone XS or an iPhone XR for an affordable price. Sources say that Apple is planning to expand the promotion to more countries like Spain, Italy, or France. In reality, trade-in promotion is not something new when it comes to Apple devices as Apple offers it every year.

Apple’s main rival, Samsung is now offering a trade-in promotion in select markets. In the UK, users can grab a brand new Galaxy Note 9 for a cheaper rate if they trade in a Note 8. Reports say that Samsung will launch discount programs during Lunar New Year 2019 to attract more customers in Asia. Apple is rumored to announce new iPads in March. The new iPad will come with new hardware and support for Apple Pencil at launch. Besides, there will be two new iPhones coming out in September.

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