Apple brings $199 Pro Apps Bundle in around 30 Countries

Earlier this month, Apple launched a bundle, which features its apps for professionals and students, all at an affordable cost. The Pro Apps Bundle includes Apple’s most prominent professional apps like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, and Apple’s other pro apps. However, the bundle was initially available for a limited number of regions, but that has changed. It appears that Apple is expanding the availability of the bundle in more markets.
According to Apple, the bundle is now available in over thirty countries worldwide including larger markets like Canada, Australia, China, Japan, the UK, and South Korea with more to come in the future. For those unfamiliar, the Pro Apps Bundle is available at the discounted rate ($199.99) for teachers, professors, other school faculty, students at university, colleges and k-12 schools. This means that you can save up to $400 comparing to purchasing each apps individually. Apple will send emails with codes for each of the apps once you buy and you need to redeem codes to get the apps on the Mac Store.
Redemption codes give you access to Apple’s biggest apps meant for professionals and students including Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor and MainStage 3. Besides, Apple recently delivered updates to Final Cut Pro X, with dozens of new features and Touch Bar support for users who own 2016 MacBook Pro, so the Pro Apps Bundle is really worth for users who wish to own these pieces of software. If you are one of them, get it now.
This year, Apple is expected to release iPhone 8 this year to celebrate 10 years of iPhone. The new iPhone has been rumored to come with cutting-edge features and premium design. Earlier this week, sources said that the next iPhone 8 might cost more than $1000 thanks to its premium parts and sleek design. However, many found these sources somewhat to be plausible, seeing how Apple released 256GB iPhone 7 Plus that costs $969 last year.
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