Apple's AirPower charging mat reportedly enters production

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world. The Cupertino firm has been expanding its business for years in an attempt to drive its profit growth. In 2017, Apple announced AirPower, the company’s first wireless charging mat after months of anticipation. The new mat allows iPhone owners to wireless recharge their devices. The charging mat was initially scheduled for Q1/2018 release, but it was nowhere to be found out there.

In reality, we expected to see the unveiling of the AirPower at Apple’s September event last year. However, there was no mention of it at the event, which raises concerns that Apple will discontinue the charging mat. As we enter the first days of 2019, rumors regarding Apple’s first ever charging mat have started to heat up. According to the latest reports, Apple has started producing its charging mat at the facility in Hong Kong. Reports also say that the new AirPower will see the light of day later this year. This adds up to previous rumors saying that Apple might announce AirPower during this year’s holiday shopping season.

Sources say that Apple needs more time to work on its own charging mat. Besides, AirPower will be sold separately at launch and works perfectly with Apple devices. Reports say that Luxshare, one of Apple’s long-term partner will be producing AirPower for Apple this year. In reality, Luxshare is now providing Apple with the AirPods and USB-C cables. Apple first integrated wireless charging into its iPhones in 2017. The 2018 iPhone lineup retains wireless charging from the iPhone X, but Apple has improved it, making it faster and smarter. However, the 2019 iPhone lineup is expected to come with better wireless charging at launch.

Apple is reporting slow iPhone sales on the market in China as it is struggling to compete with local smartphone brands. Apple is planning something new to boost its iPhone sales this year. Sources say that Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone model to target emerging markets. In reality, Apple is having a hard time selling its phones in India as customers are shifting their focus on mid-range segment.

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