All about Apple News on iPhone/iPad you should know

Being launched on 16 September after the update of iOS 9, Apple News collects all stories and magazines for iOS users to read. When opening the News app on your iPhone/ iPad, you can see suggested articles, subscribe to channels that interest you. In this article, we will show you all about the Apple News on your iOS device.

  1. Get start

The first time you open the News app, you have to choose what you like to read by selecting channel or category favorites.

  • Open the News app on your device.
  • Tap on Next.
  • Tap the channels you want to make your Favorites


  • Tap on Continue when you choose enough Favorites. You can also add more later, every time you like.
  • Select Configure Notifications if you would like to do that now. If not, tap on Not Now
  • Tap on Sign Me Up if you want to receive newest related news. Otherwise, select Not Now.

When you are done, the app will switch to the For You screen and display articles from your selections.
In case you use one more iOS device, you can go to Settings > iCloud and sync the News option.

  1. Enable notifications in the News app (on iOS 10)

On iOS 10, when you first open the News app, you will be offered to turn on Notifications for the News app. You will also be asked to select which channels you want to receive notifications from. Moreover, you can add or remove notifications later in the Favorites section.

  • First, open the News app
  • Tap on Favorites at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Notifications button. It looks like a bell.


  • Turn on the Notifications for the channels you want to receive notifications from.
  • Finally, tap on Done

All daily notifications from the channels you follow will be displayed in Notification Center on your Lock screen.

  1. Read a news article in the News app
  • Launch the News app on your device
  • Here, there are five options for you, tap one of them.
  • For You: Give you a list of articles based you have selected or liked


  • Favorites: A collection of channels you have added
  • Explore: Suggest other channels and topics for you


  • Search: Help you find new articles, channels, and genres
  • Saved: Store your reading history, or any articles you have bookmarked for reading later
  • Tap on the channel or news item you want to view.

Note: On iOS 10, the articles in For You page will be displayed in sections by topic.. When you tap a topic, you can see more content.

  1. Filter favorite channels in iOS 10

On iOS 10 version, you can view your favorite channels by Name, Recent, or Most Visited.

  • Open the News app from your Home Screen.
  • Tap on Favorites
  • Then, tap on Favorites at the top center
  • Select Sort by Name, Most Recent, or Most Visited.


  1. Remove a channel or genre from your Favorites
  • From your Home screen, launch the News app
  • Tap on Favorites at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the Edit button
  • Tap the X button in the corner of the channels or topics you want to remove.

For latest models such as iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus, iPhone7/7 Plus, you can use 3D Touch to streamline the action:

  • Launch the News app
  • Tap the Favorites button
  • Hold down a Favorite to peek at it


  • Swipe up to view options
  • Tap on the Remove

Here are all about the News app you should know. If you find any useful information, please leave your comments in the box chat below.

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