How to View iCloud Drive Files on your iPhone 6s and iPad

How to View iCloud Drive Files on your iPhone 6s and iPad

Finally the Android Like functionality has been arrived in iOS. Now, you can view and edit your iCloud files just like Google Drive and Dropbox.

iCloud Drive provides, you the service to store files on the “Apple cloud“. This service was launched last year, support for proprietary  files, images, videos, presentations and more. But, the only restriction it has that your device must be on the latest iOS version that is ‘iOS9‘. Along with other innovations, the application was expected by users, because most of the functions before the service was available only being limited to the Mac or users.
iCloud Drive Management is divided into two parts – in the “Settings” gadget in the application. Or you can enable it in iCon mode  via Settings” and select enable or disable the display of application icon on the home screen. To modify or update the settings in iCloud Drive, Click on the “Settings” iCon  -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive.

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How to use iCloud Drive on iPhone 6s, 6, iPad air 2, air 3, mini 4 and iPod Touch 6th

How to Copy Documents from iCloud Drive to an iOS or Mobile Device 

1. Open the application and create a document there. Most iOS-applications support automatic synchronization. (If you haven’t disabled it manually)

2. Open the iCloud Drive and make sure that the document is copied. If not, check to see whether automatic backup settings service.

Create a new folder and sorting

1. Go to the application iCloud Drive.

2. Click “Choose”.

3. Select the “Create New Folder” in the bottom left the corner.

4. Enter the name of the folder.


To enable sorting into folders, open the document and click on the appropriate icon in the top bar.


Uploading files to arbitrary folders iCloud Drive

Uploading files to arbitrary folders are still available only from the site of the service.

1. Go to

2. Open the iCloud Drive.

3. Select the folder you want to download the document.

4. Click on the download icon in the top bar of the document and select the desired file.

Deleting files from the repository

1. Open the application.

2. Scroll to see which files to delete.

3. Click the “Basket” and confirm the deletion.


Spread files from iCloud Drive

1. Go to the document display.

2. Click “Share.”

3. Select the method by which intend to send a file.


Despite the significant expansion of opportunities to work with iCloud on mobile devices Apple, actions such as downloading documents, or sort the files by folder, all the more convenient to carry out using a desktop computer. We hope that this will be corrected in subsequent updates.

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