8 cool new features on iOS you might not have found yet

After 8 beta versions of iOS 10, the official version has been released. If you have updated it for your iPhone/iPad, we are sure you have found a lot of new impressive features on iOS 10. However, there are a few other interesting features that you might not equally have known yet. In this article, we will help you discover them offline

  1. Close all open tabs in Safari quickly

In iOS 10, closing all open tabs in Safari can be just one operation. Simply you just tap and hold on the tab icon located in the lower right corner, you will  see an option to close all open tabs.
This is extremely a new and useful feature especially when iOS 10 supports unlimited tabs opened in Safari.

  1. 3D Touch on any app to share it

Despite introduced for the first time last year on the iPhone 6s/6s plus, 3D Touch is rather limited for iOS 9 but when you update your device to iOS 10, it is completely a big change. 3D Touch can now interact with many apps (including third party apps) and easily share an App Store link of that app with friends.
Moreover, with 3D Touch on iOS 10, you can prioritize download order, pause the download, or cancel it altogether.

  1. Check if a given Wi-Fi network is active

The Wi-Fi Settings on iOS 10 is much smarter than its predecessor. When searching for the Wi-Fi networks, iOS 10 will now inform you if a particular network is connected to the Internet. If not, the phrase “No Internet Connection” will appear below a given network.

  1. Save cellular data and time by sending lower quality photos

iOS 10 provides a feature that allows you to send only the lower quality images when using message app to ensure the speed as well as save  the maximum cellular data. To enable this feature, access to Settings> Messages> Low Quality Image Mode> Toggle it from OFF to ON.

  1. View lyrics right on the Apple Music

As a part of Apple Music’s dramatic overhaul in iOS 10, Apple has added in a new feature to its music streaming service, which allows you to directly see the lyrics while playing.
To view the lyrics of the song, you just swipe up from the “Now Playing” window and then the “Lyrics” option will appear and select to view song lyrics you want

  1. Much easier to share web links

Share web link on iOS 9 is not hard but it is not the most seamless process, you need to take some steps to open apps such as copy and select the sender and paste …. In iOS 10, this process is shortened a little. Now when you long press on a link, you will see a new “Share” option below and if selected, it will bring you up iOS’ Share Sheet.

  1. Audio will not be turned off when the Camera app is open

Speaking of music and sound in general, iOS 10 finally has a great upgrade compared to previous versions. In iOS 9, when you open the Camera app,  all audio playback will be completely paused. In iOS 10, Apple has finally come to its senses as you can now listen to music or podcasts while taking photos.

  1. RAW photo editing capabilities

If you are a professional photographer, or interested in photos, we are sure you do not like editing a compressed .jpg photo. Instead, you want to get the original uncompressed images before making any changes. In iOS 10, that will finally come true as the next official update will add the RAW photo editing feature via third-party apps.

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