7 useful hidden features of iPad

7 useful hidden features of iPad

7 hidden features for users to experience your iPad more simply, conveniently.

  1. Multitasking operation

Open Setting, click the tab “General” in the left column, scroll down to the bottom, and turn “Multitasking Gestures” from “Off” to “On
2.   Zoom
In Settings > General > Accessibility and turn horizontal bar in “Zoom” from “Off” to “On
After activating this feature, users can use 3 fingers double-tap on the screen to zoom in on a point. To do that, just drag three fingers around the screen.
3.   Shake to cancel
Users can make mistakes when editing texts on iPad, and do not know how to undo. Take the iPad, hold, shake the device, and then appear a notification form “Pop-up” that allows users to press cancel (undo) the content.
4.   Press Home button 3 times
While almost people know that double- tapping the Home button will show the multitasking bar and allow users to access running apps, very few people know about pressing the Home button three times.
In Settings> General> Accessibility, turn horizontal bar “Triple-click Home”, “Off” > “On”. Then, users can choose to activate some features after pressing 3 times the Home button, including the ability to display color inversion or enlarge
Voice Over– a feature of iPad helps people, who have difficulty in vision, to navigate on the screen.
5.   Divide key board
This feature is useful when users hold the iPad and draft by two thumbs. Hold the “keyboard” key in the lower right corner that users normally use to press the keyboard. Then choose “Split” from the menu.
Users can access the hidden keys of the separated keyboard. For example, users can click the gap on the left “Y” key to type the letter “T“, the gap on the left of “H” key for “G” and on the right of “V” for “B”.
6.  Press key “Space” two times to mark punctuation
Users can press the space bar (space) two times to insert punctuation marks into texts. This not only helps users to mark questions but also automatically adds a space after punctuation that lets users prepare the next question quickly. It is extremely handy for users when editing a long text.
7.   Hidden characters on  keyboard
Are users fretting about special characters, or strange symbols? Just hold down a letter on the keyboard and special characters relating to that key will appear.
One particular example is the apostrophe behind the comma key.

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