Top 50 free Cydia tweaks for iOS 9

Top 50 free Cydia tweaks for iOS 9

Find out which of these Cydia Tweak is really worth for your iOS 9 device.

Here are the top 50 free Cydia tweaks for latest iOS 8 and iOS 9

1. Activator: 
Allows you to assign actions to certain system functions. For example, a shift to the right on the status bar will display multitasking.

2. SafariRefresh:
Allows you to refresh a web page with a swipe down on mobile Safari.

3. FileBrowser:
A file explorer just like iFile, the best known, which allows to navigate in the tree of his camera and edit files.

4. Power Tap:
Allows, a tap, to be able to restart a respring or switch to safe mode when one is on the extinguishing screen.

5. NoSlowAnimations:
Changes the speed of the iOS animations. The speed for example.

6. BytaFont 2:
Change the iOS typeface. Works everywhere.

7. Flurry: 
Changes the transparency, opacity iOS menu and its various elements.

8. Mobius: ( Scrolls his springboard to infinity. There is no concept of first or last page. There is no longer blocking one side or the other.

9. Cylinder:
Used to joust transition animations to the icons when changing page.

10. SwitchSpring:
Adds two options when it slides up on the page representing the springboard in multitasking. Option to do a respring or empty suddenly multitasking.

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11. TapToSnap:
Lets you take a photo by touching the screen, the view of the photo. Very fast.

12. SwipeSelection:
Moves the cursor by sliding on the keypad. More practical than the magnifying glass.

13. SendDelay:
Used to have a delay before sending an SMS after we pressed the send button. Very useful to cancel a shipment.

14. MessageCustomiser:
Allows you to customize the appearance of bubbles messages, and more.

15. gpSPhone:
The best Gameboy and GBA emulator for iOS.

16. CurtainsForYou: (
Allows you to stylize the backward in the menus of its iPhone, or in applications.

17. SpringReSearch:
Change the color of the names of applications and content of the status bar.

18. FolderIcons:
Allows you to change the appearance of folders.

19. Transference:
Allows you to rearrange the sections of the iOS settings.

20. CustomClock:
Allows you to change the appearance of the clock.

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21. RoundDock:
Allows for a round dock.

22. DockColor:
Allows you to change the color of the dock.

23. Phantom for Snapchat:
An incredible amount of settings and additional features for Snapchat.

24. FBNoNeedMessenger:
Allows for private conversations directly into the main Facebook app, without having to install Messenger.

25. ++ Facebook: 
Lots of new settings and new options to add Facebook.

26. Savegram:
Allows you to save pictures and videos found on Instagram.

27. Zeppelin: 
Changes the name of the operator or to replace it with a logo.

28. StatusHUD:
Displays the volume indicator in the status bar.

Allows rotation of springboard as iPhone 6 Plus.

30. Convopics:
Displays the photo contacts in conversations iOS application messages.

31. ReachWeather:
Displays weather information in the upper part when using the reachability function of iOS on iPhone.

32. JellyLock 7:
A menu on the lock screen inspired by what exists on Android devices.

33. Lockglyph:
Allows for animation apple pay when you unlock your iPhone with TouchID.

34. TimePasscode:
Allows for a security code that changes constantly depending on the hour.

35. Fully Masked Passwords:
Mask fully the characters of the password.

36. CCControls (
Allows for many new shortcuts for system settings in the Control Centre of iOS.

37. MoreTimer:
Adds three additional time for timer in the Camera app.

38. DetailedBatteryUsage:
Allows for extremely precise visualization of how your battery discharges.

39. Wifi Passwords:
View passwords for WiFi networks you have visited.

40. iCleaner:
Cleans his camera.

41. Cydelete8:
Delete the applications installed from Cydia, like those of the App Store.

42. Sun:
Well lets adjust the brightness more precisely than is possible natively iOS.

43. Rubik:
Automatically disable the Data / 3G / 4G when you’re on WiFi or your iPhone is locked.

44. PowerSoundDisabler:
Disables its iOS that one has to plug his iPhone.

45. iWidgets:
Allows you to add widgets on the springboard.

46. ColorBadges:
Used to color the badge notifications to the dominant color of the application. Very aesthetic.

47. Gridswitcher:
Displays previews of different applications in multitasking.

48. Slide2kill 8:
Allows to slide down in the multitasking to empty once.
49. Winterboard:
This is a theme installer.

50. Snowswitch ( Allows dropping snow on its springboard, locked screen and applications.


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