50 Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 [Must Have Cydia Tweaks]

50 Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 [Must Have Cydia Tweaks]

Here are the 50 best free Cydia tweaks that I judged to be the most interesting to customize your iPhone with iOS 8 Jailbroken:

List of 50 Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 you Must Have


1. Activator:  Action Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPad

Allows you to assign actions to certain system functions. For example, a shift to the right on the status bar will display the multitasking.

2. Safari Refresh: Refresh Shortcut Cydia Tweak

Allows you to refresh a web page with a swipe down on mobile Safari.

3. File Browser: File Explorer for iOS 8

A file explorer just like iFile, the best known, which allows to navigate in the tree of his camera and edit files.

4. Power Tap: Restart Cydia Tweak for iOS 8

Allows, a tap, you can make a restart, a respring or switch to safe mode when it is on the extinguishing screen.

5. NoSlowAnimations: iOS 8 Animation Cydia Tweak

Changes the speed of the iOS animations. The rate for example.
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6. BytaFont 2: Font Cydia Tweak

Change the iOS typeface. Works everywhere.

7. Flurry: Design iOS 8 Tweak

Changes the transparency, opacity iOS menu and its various elements.

8. Mobius: ( ) iOS 8 Tweak

Cycles through its springboard to infinity. There’s no concept of a first or last page. There is no longer blocking one side or the other.

9. Cylinder: Change iOS 8 Animation

Used to adjust transition animations to the icons when changing page.

10. SwitchSpring: Springboard iOS 8 Tweak

Adds two options when it slides up on the page representing the springboard in multitasking. Option to do a respring or emptying of a sudden multitasking.
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