5 most annoying features in iOS 11

iOS 11 is not a significant improvement over its predecessor, iOS 10. However, it still comes with hundreds of new exciting features and changes that make your daily tasks much better and quicker. With iOS 11, Apple has removed a lot of things that we have been accustomed to since the days of iOS 10.

If you have been using the Apple iPhone since the day one, some of iOS 11’s new features may be a little bit confusing. In this guide, we have created a list of the 5 most annoying features in Apple’s latest version of iOS. Before proceeding, note that iOS 11 is still rolling out to users worldwide, so you can check for updates by heading to Settings > General > Software Updates.

  1. New video and photo format

With iOS 11, Apple has updated the way your photos and videos are stored on your iPhone and iPad. For videos, Apple has officially switched to HEVC, which offers 2x better compression. For photos, Apple now uses HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), which allows photos to take up half the space on your device.

While this is a great feature, Apple’s new video and photo format might pose problems for iPhone and iPad owners when it comes to recording video. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go back to the old formats you have been accustomed to for years. To do this, head to Settings on your device, select Camera and hit Format. Now just simply select Most Compatible option.

  1. 32-bit apps no longer work in iOS 11

iOS 11 marks the end of 32-bit apps to make way for modern 64-bit apps. Apple is still encouraging third-party developers to update their apps to make them compatible with future iOS releases. This is pretty annoying, as your favorite apps no longer work after updating to iOS 11.

You can see a list of all 32-bit apps on your iPhone or iPad by heading to Settings, tap on General, select About and hit Applications. The best way to enjoy 32-bit apps on your device is to downgrade back to iOS 10 and wait for the apps to receive new updates.

  1. New Control Center

With iOS 11, Apple has completely revamped Control Center. iOS 11 Control Center now has a new look with bubble-style icons, making it more intuitive and more visually appealing. You now can add more toggles to your Control Center, like Flashlight, Timer, Alarm, or Home.

However, iOS 11 Control Center may be a little bit confusing to many folks. Users now need to head to the Settings app to completely turn off Wi-Fi, which is pretty annoying. If you turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in iOS 11 Control Center, it will remain active for other features like AirDrop, Apple Pencil or Continuity.

  1. Auto-play videos in App Store

In iOS 11, the App Store has been completely overhauled. There are now two sections for Games and Apps. However, you may come across a lot of auto-play videos while discovering new apps and games.

Fortunately, Apple allows users to turn off those annoying auto-play videos. To do this, head to Settings on your device and select iTunes & App Store. After that, select Video Autoplay and hit Off.

  1. Facebook integration

If you are a frequent user of Facebook or Twitter, the bad news is Apple has officially removed integration for Facebook and Twitter. This means that you now cannot sign in with Facebook or Twitter in Settings.

You can downgrade back to iOS 10 to get back Facebook and Twitter integration. Make sure you have a full backup of your device before moving ahead.

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  1. Joyce Miles

    Thanks for answering why I can’t post from my Sharesheet to Facebook with IOS 11.0.3. What a bummer. What was Apple thinking and why do this. I would if I thought it wouldn’t totally mess up my iPad.


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