2019 iPad mini reportedly comes with Touch ID and headphone jack

Apple iPad is a great tablet that comes with amazing features and premium design. Last year, the Cupertino firm announced a refresh to its iPad lineup with a new appealing look, new hardware, and exciting features. However, the iPad lineup has been showing signs of a slowdown in recent years, but Apple still leads in terms of revenue. Sources say that Apple now dominates the tablet market with over 50 percent share. And the reason behind this is that there is not a specific competing product from the likes of Samsung and Sony out there. However, things are going to change as Google or Sony does launch their new tablets later this year.

Reports recently said that the Cupertino firm is planning to release three new iPads, one of which includes a new iPad mini. In reality, the Mini family has not received a big upgrade for years, which raises concerns that Apple would discontinue the series. Sources confirm that Apple has been working on a new iPad mini with new design and hardware. According to tech experts, the new iPad mini will be priced at under $350 and retain 3.5mm headphone jack. Besides, there will be Touch ID, allowing users to quickly unlock their tablets using their fingerprints. In reality, Apple removed Touch ID from its 2018 iPad Pro in favor of Face ID.

However, keeping Touch ID on the next iPad mini helps Apple lower the price tag. Apart from a new iPad mini, there will be a new iPad Pro this year. The new iPad Pro is expected to feature a new A13X Bionic chip under the hood, allowing for a huge performance boost. Besides, the new Pro will come in two screen sizes, just like the last year’s model. Reports say that Apple will hold an event later this month where it will announce a bunch of new products including a new iPad, a cheaper HomePod, and new iMac. Meanwhile, the new iPad Pro will be announced at Apple’s October event. The new Pro will be more expensive than the current model, while the new iPad mini will be around $320 in the US.

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