12 hidden iOS features you should know

By easy gestures like swiping, and touching on iPhone/iPad, users can save time by the handy hidden features of iOS. Some people may know, but others can be hidden in plain sight.

  1. Save draft in Mail

If you are drafting an email, but interrupted by another operation, you simply save it by swiping down; the email will be shrunk at the bottom edge of the screen.

  1. See all drafts

Once you have saved drafts, you can review by tapping and holding the ‘compose’ button in the lower-right corner, see the gif below

  1. Return to thumbnails in Photos app

When viewing a photo in the Photos app, you can click the arrow in the upper -left corner to return to the thumbnail view of the album. However, there is an easier way to back to the thumbnail view, which  is to swipe down on the photo.

  1. Quick Photo

You do not have to spend time tapping individual image if you want to delete or share. A faster way is to click on the Select button in the upper- right corner, then slide a finger across each row to select multiple photos altogether.

  1. Move to the top or button of the album

If you want to return to the top of the album or collection you are viewing, which takes you to the oldest photos, simply click on the top part of the clock.
Instead of scrolling down to the bottom to the newest photos, you just tap on Photos/Albums

  1. Zoom in on videos

Many users are accustomed to zooming picture with 2 fingers on the iPhone screen, but a few know this feature can also be applied when watching videos to take a closer look.

  1. Select scrubbing speed

For Music or Podcasts app, you can drag the small vertical line to move to a new spot in the podcast or song playing. The movement is called scrubbing. However, it is difficult for us to fringe accurately to the tracks we need as the small vertical line. Open any songs (or videos), you will see a circular button, click on it and scroll left or right to rewind, but if you pull up on, it  will display the adjustment  of scrubbing speed

  1. Move events in the calendar

When you save events to Calendar, but then you want to change the time, date, simply press and hold the event and drag to another day you want.

  1. Remove the excess in the calculator

When you press numbers in the Calculator app, but you enter the last number incorrectly, simply swipe left or right on the number currently entered. Each swipe will delete the most right figure.

  1. Return to text conversation

If you are tapping to open an image in the message app, you can swipe down on it to back to the conversation

  1. See the Safari’s toolbar

When you begin scrolling down a web page in Safari, the address bar at the top and the toolbar at the bottom will disappear. Instead of having to scroll to the top, just click on the bottom edge of the screen to bring them back.

  1. See recently closed tabs in Safari

If you want to see tabs recently closed in Safari, click on the button in the lower-right corner, then hold down the “+” button in the middle of the toolbar to display a list of recently closed tabs.

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