10 Jailbreak Myths related to Apple Devices

10 Jailbreak Myths related to Apple Devices

There are many misconceptions about the jailbreak, many of which we hear every year. What is this? Is these ‘voices’ are real? Will the jailbreak void the warranty on the iPhone and iPad? How difficult is it to jailbreak? Is there any sense to do it?

This article lists the 10 most common MYTHS about the Jailbreak

We will explain why people hack their devices and tell us what not to be afraid.

Does Jailbreak Voids Warranty – Myth about Jailbreak


Jailbreak is not forever. If you want to apply to the warranty department, just use Cydia Impactor, to erase all traces of the jailbreak, or restore iOS through iTunes. Then Apple will not know whether your device is ever compromised.

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Jailbreak Reduces Productivity – Is it True about Jailbreak

Of course, you can install a lot of tweaks, and some may slow down your gadget. But if you keep track of what you are putting on your device, you will not encounter performance degradation. Moreover, with the help of tweaks can speed up the work of iPhone.

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Jailbreak makes Apple Devices less Protected – Jailbreak Myths

Again, you need to keep track of what software you install. Similarly, the jailbreak can make your smartphone more secure. In particular, developers of jailbreak released updates to fix bugs in iOS earlier than it did itself Apple. [highlight]If you stay away from suspicious repositories piracy dubious tweaks and do not open the operating system, or installing OpenSSH AFC2[/highlight], – you will be in complete safety.

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Jailbreak is Prohibited – Is it Legal to Jailbreak Apple Products

In fact, it is not, no one can forbid you to jailbreak your device.

Jailbreak for SHADY Characters – Jailbreaking is Fun

Some believe that the jailbreaking is a suspicious thing, like a strange person in a dark alley. But this is silly. Jailbreak makes different people: professionals and beginners, parents, children, celebrities, and musicians. Justin Bieber once used to jailbreak iPhone.

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Jailbreak – This is Difficult

Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will take less time than you spend on preparing the morning coffee. Believe me – it is very easy, with no problems and everyone can do it.

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The Jailbreak is not free – Jailbreak is Fun or Not

Jailbreak can not be paid. On the Internet, you can find many articles and educational videos. If you offer to pay – you just cheated.
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Jailbreak Shortens Battery Life

This has some truth, but the game on the smartphone also bad for the battery. If you are attentive to the choice of tweaks, you can save the battery of your gadget. The very fact that the jailbreak does not mean that your device will be automatically discharged. Also, there are tweaks to increase the autonomy of gadgets.

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The Jailbreak is Designed for PIRACY


In fact, it is not. While some do take the opportunity to install pirated software on the compromised device, it’s not the cause of the jailbreak, and the reason to do it. Most resort to jailbreak because it allows you to personalize iPhone and iPad, but not for illegal applications.

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Jailbreak is no longer needed

Can you install a theme on your iPhone with the factory firmware? Or run a video application on top of another? Maybe Apple allows to speed up a slow animations impossible to iOS? Can you access the file system of iPhone? Or record a screencast on your iPhone? Can you configure the switches in the control room? No. But all this can be done with jailbreak tweaks from Cydia.

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And how do you feel about the jailbreak? Have you heard any more myths? Tell us in the comments!

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